Holistic coaching to help heart-centered visionaries take meaningful action towards their dreams while up-leveling every aspect of their lives

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Bringing great visions and big dreams from your heart to the world is like building a pyramid - you need a strong, wide foundation to reach that high.

Does this sound like you?


You are a heart-centered high achiever, and you’ve already enjoyed great success - but you’re ready for the next step, one that makes a meaningful contribution to the world. This might mean adding a new commitment, or entering into a period of major transition as you trade old achievements for new.


But you’re already doing so much, and are already stretched a bit thin. You have existing commitments to keep.


You need a whole-life uplift to help you align each day with your values as you climb the steps that will take you to the next big thing.

You want it all, and you’re not afraid to say so.


And you’re ready to feel the deep sense of satisfaction that comes with balancing every area of your life as you reach for your breakthrough goal.


You’re in the right place.








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I coach heart-centered individuals who are ready to take action towards making their big dreams into reality by:

  • Getting clear on their passions and priorities

  • Forming a realistic plan to go from the status-quo to goal attainment

  • Staying accountable to keep on the plan

  • Navigating the “messy middle” between where they are now and where they wish to be

  • Building a supportive, foundational structure of practices that nurtures every aspect of their lives, so they have the energy to bring their visions into being


In short, it’s my job to ferry you from the world you live in now, to the better world you’re going to create for yourself.


“As someone who was exploring how I could find time and direction in my own journey

to making a difference I found his guidance and insights very inspirational and motivating.

I would highly recommend Puneet as a coach if you are at the stage of your life and career

where you are seeking to 'give back' in some way. You will be amazed what opportunities

he will enable you to imagine!” - Jackie Forbes, Edinburgh

Jessica Corbin, Founder Revita5 

Santa Monica, California

"There was pretty immediate affinity. Puneet has an incredible gift of seeing people. There are many people who can coach you into achieving goals, but what Puneet does for his clients - he not only coaches you on your Goal Line but also on your Soul Line"

Together, we construct a supportive framework to help you weather storms on your journey

You’ll need more than my support to reach your big goals, which is why my approach isn’t just about accountability, but supporting your entire ecosystem:


  • Relationships - Getting buy-in from the people who matter most to you and nurturing those relationships so they give you the extra energy you need to get the job done.

  • Financial grounding - We’ll take stock of your financial reality so that you can take the required actions in order to get your financial house in order, so money concerns won’t drain your energy. 


  • Physical health - Feeling healthy and fit is an incredible source of feel-good energy. Physiology affects psychology and a healthy lifestyle will give you optimal energy.


  • Mental well-being - Together, we will look at beliefs that may hinder your progress and sap your creative energy, and shift your mindset to one of strength, energy and empowerment.


  • Spiritual balance - We’ll establish a mindfulness practice and make space for creative pursuits to fill you up and stretch your creative potential.

Coaching through the “Messy Middle”

Sometimes we hit major roadblocks on our journeys. Sometimes, periods of transition take us unawares. Sometimes, it feels like the lives we’ve built are falling apart. I call this the “messy middle.”


I’ve seen, first-hand, how a breakdown in one, or several areas of my life can derail us from the path we’ve plotted. I’ve moved to different continents, dealt with the dissolution of close relationships, experienced financial implosions, and the stress and depression that coincide with these world-shattering shocks.


I stand here uniquely able to say how much forming internal and external tethering points, by establishing healthy habits, grounding routines and nurturing relationships, can strengthen our internal worlds and empower us to live our best lives - no matter what happens.

There are three things I want you to know when you are in the "Messy Middle":

1. There will be times that you will not be able to ‘keep it together’ no matter what anyone says. This is par for the course of growth and transformation. Give yourself permission to journey thru this and don’t try to numb these feelings. Keep a journal of your thoughts and emotions. It will feel like ‘flossing’ for your soul.​

2. You will require support with decision-making because of all the inner feelings of self-doubt. Reach out to someone you trust and ask. It’s natural to feel inadequate and judged, but your task is to go beyond it. Reach out.

3. When you are feeling overwhelmed with multiple things going on in your head and are in a state of ‘funk’, do these two things:

Number one: Sit with your feet on the ground inhale for 6 seconds, hold your breath for 2 seconds, then exhale for 6 seconds. Repeat 4 times.

Number two: Once you’ve done the breathing exercise, take a sheet of paper or online notebook and make a list of the actions you are required to take. Next to each action,  write down the pros and cons of moving ahead with the action and the pros and cons of not moving ahead. This will re-ground you and bring you back to the present, while diminishing the fear and anxiety you are facing.

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Don’t think you have the time?


I will help you make the time to be your best self. Because each of these facets of your life can fuel your ability to grow - or hinder it, if ignored. And when you have a big, audacious goal, they become your foundation for success.

Welcome Home - drop your shoulders take a deep breath in and relax....and once more. Enjoy this View.  


We tailor your program according to what you wish to achieve. That may mean a few months of coaching sessions, or a year. But this isn’t meant to stretch on forever. We’re here to get you to your goal, and whatever outcome you wish to achieve, we’ll decide together what timeline is appropriate. Read More

Weekend Intensive Workshops

One-to-One or Small group workshops where we fast-track clarifying your vision and goals, addressing your obstacles, and creating a plan of action. If you are interested in this format, and there are no upcoming workshops scheduled, please get in touch with me and we will create a bespoke option together.


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Public Speaking

My talks are focused on providing hope and inspiration to brave individuals and organizations that are in the throes of transformation, either by choice or circumstance. I share what worked, and what didn’t, for me and will leave the audience with tangible practices and resources to navigate the “messy middle.”


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