I believe you are only scratching the surface of the impact you could have (no matter how successful you are).

Who is this for?

The E-Salon is a group-coaching program for a cohort of three committed entrepreneurs who have one or two key milestones to accomplish in the upcoming 12 weeks. You’re committed to accomplishing this goal because it will have an important, positive effect on the development of your venture. Today, you might be stuck, at a point of stagnation, or going through a period of high-growth and opportunity but need to be prescriptive about staying focused on achieving results.


This salon is where you get to share, to be proud of your successes and not be embarrassed by your struggles in a really safe space where your peers are playing at high level as you are. 


The 3 Elements of the program  


Element 1: Your venture. One very important factor in accomplishing your milestones will be to create a compelling vision for the future and then developing a game plan for the accomplishment of the milestones. With this in place you have clarity on your actions for each week allowing you to plan your days effectively and eliminate procrastination. In the E-Salon, you'll have me on your team, providing you deep coaching in a Group Setting via Zoom, for 3 months. And you'll overcome the fears, doubts, limiting beliefs or insecurities that hold you back


Element 2: Your environment. If you can’t create and control your environment, your environment will control you. You will learn to optimize your environment, to create goals, opportunities, actions and thoughts that energize you. You will create habits and rituals that support and renew you. You'll learn how to let go of burnout. And you'll be able to help your employees do the same.


Element 3: Your Boardroom. You will join me and three other like-minded entrepreneurs where you can share your ideas, your fears and your successes and be heard. We will be your personal boardroom. You're here for challenge and accountability. You’ll have a peer group of highly motivated individuals who will hold you to a high bar. You will build your resilience and your ability to handle any situation with presence.

Watch Jose's testimonial. Jose created a salsa (sauce) company, Me Salsa, to honor his aunts by bringing their recipes into households of many Americans. He has taken his business from the farmers' markets of Louisville to an international trade show in New York! The business has grown by 50% over the last year. 

Your Journey Begins.

  • We'll start with, with a 90 mins deep-dive on a video call, to map out the framework for the program. You'll commit to an action plan for what's going to create the biggest impact right now.

  • You'll have Deep Coaching in a Group Setting of 3-4 participants via video, for 3 months. There will be usually be two sessions a month lasting approximately 90-minutes each. The weeks we are not scheduled to meet, you will meet as a group of participants

  • You will commit to actions between calls, plus there will be exercises to complete every week.  In some cases, I will provide you pre-planned templates to help your thinking. We will keep the energy working and supporting each other using a closed wassap group or slack.

  • Plus, I will have atleast one 40 mins one-to-one coaching call with you in this duration, so we can dive deeper into any areas causing you a challenge.

“Puneet brings a unique mix of corporate coaching, blended with the right mix of western and eastern philosophy, appropriately seasoned with spiritualism and self-awareness. This creative coaching style of his is further accentuated with his ability to tune in to what you need and even more incredibly playback your own thoughts clearer that what you may have expressed them.” Kuldeep Tolia, international brand builder

The Results that are possible for YOU: 

  • For years now, I have helped clients elevate their impact and effectiveness to the next level

  • For years now, I have helped top performers get to their next level of success

  • For years now, I have helped people believe in themselves and outdo themselves.

This is what I do. I've done deep inner work, so I see past the external layer to the truth of who you are, how you may be coming in your own way and recognize your gifts even when you may not be able to. 

If YOU play full out:


  • You will multiply your ROI many times over in business results 

  • You will overcome limiting patterns that stand in the way of your and success

  • You will accomplish personal transformation in your effectiveness in all areas of life 

  • You will learn and create powerful practices and routines used by most high-performers 

  • You will create a community of high-performers ongoingly 

I've supported entrepreneurs like you from North America,  Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Middle East. When appropriate, I will facilitate international connections that will benefit you and your business. 


I am also an executive coach for founders of companies through the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco. Connect on LinkedIn 


Join me…and the earlier you begin, the more support you get. 

Your investment is $850/month for 3 months. Or, pay in full and save, at $2,250 per person. 

e-Salon 2020 schedule - 

January 2020 - bookings closed 

March 2020 - bookings closed

May 2020 - in progress

July 2020 - bookings open, starts in the 3rd week in July ($1,750 when booked by 25 June) 

September 2020 - bookings open, starts 1st week in September ($1,750 when booked by 15 August)

The e-Salon is not for everyone. It's a rigorous 90 days. Here is what I am looking for in you: 

1. you have your own venture or want to start one

2. your work is connected to your values 

3. you have track record of success 

4. you have a bias for action

5. yet, you crave something more…and that is why you are HERE! 

To apply, write to me on scottysachdev@gmail.com telling me how you meet the 5 criteria above. 

A bespoke salon can also be created for your group or company. 

The One to One option:

Want to work one to one, instead of in a group, towards a critical milestone? Contact me on scottysachdev@gmail.com with the subject line 'Performance Accelerator' 

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