greater complexity outside, needs greater clarity inside

4-week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

Distracted, Stressed and Anxious, finding it hard to Switch-off, Facing Time Pressure? 


How is all this impacting the quality of your life - your work, your key relationships, and your parenting? We live in an always-on world, although we feel more connected to people far away, however, our connection with people around us and most importantly to ourselves is taking a toll. 'Mindless' choices are easily made when experiencing pressure and stress and can have a financial and an emotional impact. 

Mindfulness and meditation can give us a greater sense of spaciousness and centeredness in the midst of a hectic schedule with long to-do lists, help us to prioritize and make decisions with awareness. It can be developed through systematic training and promotes a way of being that helps us take better care of ourselves in this hyperconnected world. Many change agents in society practice Mindfulness on a regular basis e.g. Ariana Huffington, Oprah. See a video of Ariana Huffington on Mindfulness below. 




Create the space to Slow Down, Reduce Anxiety Levels, Sleep Better 

I conduct mindfulness workshops and ongoing session to help you create space, to slow down, reconnect, and grow — mindfully. I have brought meditation and mindfulness to fast-growing tech start-ups, co-working spaces (e.g. Impact Hub - San Francisco, WeWork), Gyms etc.. I draw on my eastern heritage, my years as a Buddhist and the year-long Mindfulness training at a Buddhist monastery to bring you my unique flavor or mindfulness and meditation. I have been a practitioner for over 15 years. And I have been referred to as the 'Calm Switzerland' by a client! Do you want some 'Switzerland' in your life?

Imagine being Calm, Grounded, having the Focus required


To make key decisions and prioritize, have the spaciousness required to manage your day and week effectively, deal with stress and constant distractions. As far fetched this may sound to you, you can cultivate this way of being by building a mindfulness meditation practice and create the space in your life required to savor peace and joy within no matter what is going on outside. 


Parents - we have only one shot at bringing up our kids and I believe that a key factor that adds to children feeling safe and growing up secure is the quality of our presence, our way of being with our children. Do you want to be feeling stressed and distracted when with your children or would you much rather be able to devote the attention they deserve? 

Here is what you will learn in for the 4-week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Workshop and integrate it all into a practice that works for you: 

a) principles and benefits of mindfulness 

b) components of a mindfulness practice

c) the key attitudes for living mindfully 

d) instant centering practices

e) loving-kindness practice

f) cell phone protocol 

I have had to deal with the emotional impact of high-pressure work, breakdown of relationships, demanding financial circumstances, the uncertainty that comes with international relocations. My daily mindfulness meditation practice and commitment to exercise provides me with the stability I require to navigate the up's and downs. 

The goal is to become more mindful on a daily basis. You will create a practice routine that will include - the days and times you will commit to Sitting Mindfulness, your One-Move (a productive attitude you will commit to practicing), Cell-Phone Protocol to avoid being distracted. A template will be provided. There will be Success Activities in between the workshop sessions. You will also be provided a reading list for your Success Library.

The next 4-week workshop dates are:

17, 24 September and 1 and 8 October 2019 - closed

7, 14, 21, 28 January 2020 - closed 

3, 10, 17, 24 March 2020 - closed 

Next dates TBC 

Sessions last approximately 45-minutes, via Zoom video conferencing, and are at 11am BST, 6.30 am EST, 7.30pm ASCT on Tuesdays.

There are only 10 spots for these workshops. 

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