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8 key questions to ask yourself before making important decisions

Decisions determine the quality of life

Happy New Year! First letter to all of you in 2020!

Life is decision making at every step, personal and professional and some of these decisions will be more emotionally and mentally challenging than the others. “what school should I put my kids in?”, “should we relocate?”, “is this a good route to take my career or business down?” I have had my fair share of transitions and I have created a template I use to objectify and gain a 360 perspective before making the decision.

There will be times even with all the due diligence, pulling the trigger will be a challenge. But atleast you will know that you have done all you can to make the best possible informed decision based on the information you have. Here is my list of 8 that I have put together after good research. If you can add to it, please let me know.

1. What is the desired outcome / metric your are driving? 2. What are the choices you are trying to decide between? 3. Is it a low, medium or high ambiguity decision? (Greater ambiguity requires more data and perspectives) 3. When do you need to make a decision by? 4. How will the decision impact your life — personal and professional? 5. Who else will the decision impact and how will it impact them? 6. The key stakeholders? 7. How will you measure the success of your decision? 8. Who the decision will need to be communicated to and how e.g. email, phone call etc?

Once I have populated answers to the above questions, then I begin to gather data in a structured way and for this I have another flow of questions and a template. But the above should get you started.

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