• Puneet Sachdev

Building a coaching practice

If you are getting started in coaching or want to create clarity in your coaching offering, answer these questions below.

What is the type of coaching that you want to do?

Do you want to serve individuals, work with teams or is it to spread a specific message to many? If you want to work with teams, do you resonate better with helping small businesses or you are more aligned to startups or corporations? Then think about the main pillars of your coaching for example for me, I have three main pillars I focus on when working with a client 1) their external real world goals - we cover their vision, their strategy, the skills sets required and create a plan 2) their daily, weekly, monthly routines and practices that will empower them and then we fine tune these and embed new practices over time 3) their environment - people, places, habits, mindsets to release dis-empowerment that maybe coming from any of these areas. From time to time I make the adjustments required but mainly it will hover around these areas.

Define and focus as much as possible. Then sell it to you buy it, are you convinced about you and your work? If not refine it and once you are sold on you, this will help you sell to anyone what you do as a coach.

Who do you serve?

Who would your ideal client be? List as many details as you can. Include character traits, values, type of business / type of profession and more. Sometimes it can simply be "I coach people with a track record of success, who have the desire and commitment to create something of greater value than they have before". What you may also notice is that your description will match an older version of YOU!

How can you best serve?

What do you think it would take, for you to be able to help your clients to achieve the results they’re looking for? Would you need to work with them daily, weekly, or maybe monthly? Would it better if you worked with a group of clients in the room or online?

Perhaps you’re at your best when you get to spend an entire day with just one client?

List at least three ways you can offer your services.

What are the tools you use to serve?

You now know what your business is about and how to serve your clients. Now define the strategies and the tools that you know will help your clients achieve their goals. Is it your unique business development model? Perhaps it’s that team working technique that you developed? Listing each of your “tools” allows you to be more empowered when you start coaching. I love spreadsheets so I have mine on a spreadsheet with the various categories listed!

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