• Puneet Sachdev

Create Your Declaration

Creating a Personal Declaration Statement

When I work with my coaching clients, we begin by creating their Declaration. This sets the context for the duration of the engagement. Here the Declaration is a statement that encapsulates the essence of what the client wants to accomplish, their WHY and what difference will it make. The Declaration is then referred to each and every day for the purpose to help the client keep their eye on the ball. It makes decision making and time management easier because now with a compelling Vision and commitment, you what to say yes to and what to say not to. It is a great alignment tool.

Here are the components that make up The Declaration:

1. Empowering context - what is it that lights you up, what is your 'Why'. It is from this lens we look at the goals to be accomplished. If the 'Why' is not powerful enough, chance are that we will veer off. So this is a great check point before going down further. 

2. The Possibility - we are all very familiar with 'To Do' lists. The Possibility is your 'To Be' list. This is where you state how you intend to show up each day in service of your empowering context for e.g. I am the possibility of being <and the two to three words here e.g. focused, joyful and curious> 

3. The Outcome - here you will state what the world will see happening as a result of your way of being; no more that one sentence

4. What I can be counted on for - here is what people can count on you for e.g. for being on time, sharing openly etc. This is your standard that you uphold no matter what.

You can make the statement in this order or use the various elements above and create your Declaration. Mine done not follow the order above but has its elements. Although I also need to update mine in keeping with what I now use a template for Declarations.

And this becomes a Declaration when you declare this to people in your life, the stakeholders in your vision and anyone else you believes should know about this.

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