• Puneet Sachdev

The small hinges our lives turn on

1. Love and connection with your family and close relations - and love is spelled TIME in relationships. The simple act of making quality time with the people you care about the most it is and this time has to be made, it will not happen automatically and certainly not in the future when you believe your workload will be less. Responsibilities only increase and if you are one of the lucky ones to have been given more than enough then more is expected from you in terms of the demands on your time. The action here is to schedule the time in advance and this can be a regular 'date' night with your better half and days on which the family will have dinner together in case that can not happen every day. 

2. Self-care - taking care of yourself, simple. Plan your meals, your exercise time and quiet time. This is very high leverage actions because if you feel healthy and vital, then all areas of life are impacted. You will see the world and your circumstances quite differently compared to when you feel the opposite. It's the tide that lifts all boats. Physiology effects psychology. 

3. Faith - in something bigger than yourself. This provides positive expectation, hope, and sustenance during the ups and downs that we will all invariably encounter. If you do not encounter downs or challenges, then it is possible you are playing it too safe and not really living out or experimenting with what you really are carrying in your heart.  Some ways you can develop this aspect is by reading something nourishing each morning and before going to bed, have a stillness practice and set some goals. 

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