• Puneet Sachdev

The Two Aspects of YOU

I see two aspects of myself. One is the rock solid, unshakable, pure and loving aspect and the other is the meaning making machine. So when an experience is picked up by the senses it goes into this composite whole and more often that not it will be processed by the 'meaning making machine' that will pump out its interpretation like the fog machine pumps out the fog on the stage where performances take place i.e. that determines our performance. And there are two things here again - the interpretation can be one that makes us feel good or makes us feel not so good.

And both these interpretations have the capability to veer us off our path or throw us off our center. If we inflate ourself then comes the giddy feeling and the feeling of being on cloud nine thus taking us away from what requires our focus and attention. And similarly if it deflates us, it can impact our ability to focus and attend to what is required to be. This wobble off center to either side is natural but the key is how well are we internally resourced to deal with such things that will determine how quick we come back to the core to our purpose.

This is where having daily core practices is important. Our morning and evening rituals. Having these in place keeps us within a certain range of wobble. And as we learn and continue to tweak our practices we continue to reduce the range of wobble. A mindfulness / meditation or some form of stillness practice is invaluable as are some other rituals.

The better we get at keeping our routines and rituals the more centered we remain and with time what we perceive, instead of being filtered thru the meaning making machine , will simply begin to be what it is without any interpretation and so we embody more of that aspect of us that is pure, unshakable, rock solid and steady.

I have a daily ritual template, with recommendations, I created for my coaching clients that I will be happy to share with you if you wish.

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