• Puneet Sachdev


I was in a coaching conversation with a client. It was clear to me that he was ready to level up. I could see old stories he was tethered to. Here are some indicators that I think are tell tales that you are ready to move on upwards:

a) The aspiration to move towards a desire you have (work, person, business etc.) is persistent and there can be fear too

b) There are counter thoughts, the habitual ways of thinking that kick-in from our existing belief system. The stronger the underlying beliefs, the stronger a threshold guardian it is. A shift upwards also means the loss of status quo, our identity, old and familiar ways of being and the brain does not feel safe and the brain does not like that

c) All the thoughts and 'noise' in the head cannot drown out the desire which gets louder when you put your head on the pillow at night

d) You see yourself talking about your aspiration to others only to realize what you are doing is actually is trying to convince yourself to move ahead

Transitions are also periods where some existing connections and relationships come untethered or are tested. Also remember that there is often a time lag between contemplation and action taking and that you may not feel 100% comfortable with taking the action, there will be the element of leaping into the unknown and all this is par for the course in such periods.

How you can help yourself in making the transition

a) Articulating the vision of what it would look like on the other side; ask yourself “who else can benefit from this?”

b) Get present to your strengths and abilities that have proven successful in the past and in other areas of your life

c) Have a think of what can get in the way and how might you navigate that

d) Enroll some close friends and family so you feel connected and supported. It is easy to get into your head with all the thoughts and get isolated – this is what I do best!

e) Continue / create any practices that help you ground and get some play time in

A good book to read is ‘The Enlightened Gardener’ by Syd Banks

©2018 Puneet Sachdev