About Me 

I am an explorer of the inner and the outer worlds.

I walk both worlds - creative and corporate.

I believe in grace, service and truth.


At the heart level, I always respond with “Yes.” A “yes” to exploring my inner depths. A “yes” to reaching lighter and lighter versions of myself. A “yes” to recognizing and working through my own in-authenticities. A “yes” to the call of adventure.


Some of these calls have caused complete upheaval in my life but all have given me opportunities to grow. It has been a gift and a challenge at the same time.


This journey has taken me from Asia to Europe to North America, Africa and Australia where I have lived and worked and done my inner work. On this journey I have had some of the most beautiful people support me (earth angels), see me for my own essence and open their homes to me. And I have had the greatest gift of being guided by some of the most powerful spiritual teachers and mentors along the way, including Deepak Chopra and Brant Secunda. Transformation has been par for the course for me as I now enter a different phase of my life. A time when it is all making perfect sense as I look back to move forward.


The 'Stretch Marks' from my life's experiences are now my Stripes!


I have invested deeply into my own development, learnt a lot in various modalities of human growth, learnt from the best, and I have codified the parts of these teachings that I found to be the most meaningful and transformative - on a practical and spiritual level. This breadth of experience allows me to support you in creating effective foundational practices and give you a short cut to the best resources that will give the best shot at manifesting your vision!


When I am working with corporate clients, I create ecosystems that enable higher performance by designing programs with bespoke systems and processes to achieve big goals, and solve big problems. I am very good at creating robust structures for sustainable success. I’m also a certified 7 Habits of Highly Effective People trainer and a Mindfulness teacher.


Creatively, I am a published children's book author and the founder of Creative Philanthropy, a social enterprise whose main goal is to create a world where our children grow up free, joyful and fully self expressed. Presently, my team and I mainly focus on supporting the education of underprivileged children and exploring the possibility of leveraging telepresence robots. I have also performed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the world largest performing arts festival. I have lived in Edinburgh for a number of years. These days, I am creating a children’s book series by the name of ‘The Magical Dreams of Billu Bollywood’


But, when all is said and done, the most important thing I do is being ‘dad’ to Ila. My 7-year-old daughter is an endless reservoir of inspiration for me, and she has led me to learn more about my values than anyone else has. She has the most generous heart. For her, I began writing the children's books, - as a birthday gift. Each year she gets a book I have written and illustrated, based on our travels, and I do a book reading each year at her school on her birthday - 31 Jan! I love it. It was this creative and loving expression that expanded into founding Creative-Philanthropy.org


You are in safe hands! p.s. I Love YOU!





I’ve carried a void, this ever-present feeling of being incomplete, for most of my life - a legacy from my childhood. Thanks to my inner work over the years, I recently experienced a powerful reframe. That empty place is a gift. It’s a container for grace, light, and God. It is the inner sanctuary that has taken time to build and now I always have access to. 

My daily practice includes meditation and mindfulness, along with other rituals to stay in a state of possibility and empowerment.


I invite you to contact me with any questions.


Create your vision, be your best self, live your best life.

And let me share something with you that is truly personal. Something I think many of us experience.

©2018 Puneet Sachdev